Jobs Work Group

The goal of this Working Group is to move South Los Angeles residents into 10,000 jobs.

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Robert Sainz | Assistant General Manager, City of LA Economic and Workforce Development Department

Faye Washington | President & CEO, YWCA of Greater Los Angeles

slate-z jobs work group organizer:

Alexia Armstrong Cortés | SLATE-Z Americorps VISTA

goals and activities

A. Build, strengthen and institutionalize five Sector Pathways in construction, hospitality/culinary, transportation, health & information technology.

B. Create pipeline of opportunities for residents to be hired on temporary & permanent jobs.

C. Increase local hires through "Train to Place" city & other pre-civil service sector opportunities.

D. Strengthen capacity of workforce development systems, especially to serve vulnerable populations.


The Jobs Work Group has helped place 140 SLATE-Z residents into careers through apprenticeship programs. Since the designation, our partners have moved 2,000 residents to jobs, with 140 direct job placements of South LA residents through SLATE-Z's LA Reentry Workforce Collaborative and its "Train-to-Place" apprenticeship programs.