By 2026, the South Los Angeles Transit Empowerment Zone will meaningfully reduce poverty for 10,000 residents.

Mission & Goals

The South Los Angeles Transit Empowerment Zone (SLATE-Z) is a place-based initiative and collective impact partnership  whose mission is to revitalize South Los Angeles by moving residents to economic opportunity. To achieve our mission, we focus on five overarching and interrelated goals:

  1. Move 10,000 residents into living wage jobs.
  2. Increase economic activity by investing in businesses, entrepreneurs, and community-oriented infrastructure.
  3. Increase student attainment of certificates, degrees, and preparation for careers by guaranteeing post-secondary career pathway enrollment and support.
  4. Reduce violent crime through effective prevention, intervention, re-entry and community engagement.
  5. Increase the safety, affordability, and use of public transit.



SLATE-Z is an historic and unprecedented partnership of over 50 public, private, and community-based organizations dedicated to revitalizing South Los Angeles by moving residents to economic opportunity. The partnership seeks to capitalize on opportunities brought by public transit and align and leverage the individual and collective assets of organizations working in the area.

The SLATE-Z collaborative was formed in 2014 to develop an application for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Second Promise Zone competition. The Second Round application built upon and cemented a partnership among diverse community organizations, educational institutions, private sector businesses, government agencies, and elected leaders. The SLATE-Z collaborative selected the name "Transit Empowerment Zone" to represent its desire to capitalize on compelling opportunities that ongoing public transit expansion brings for neighborhood revitalization and educational alignment.

Although SLATE-Z was not selected by HUD in the Second Round Promise Zone competition, SLATE-Z persevered in its stedfast resolve to win a Promise Zone designation in the future.

From December 2015 to February 2016, SLATE-Z engaged in a strategic planning process that refined its goals and expanded its roster of partners to ultimately submit a strengthened Promise Zone proposal for the Third Round Promise Zone competition.

The SLATE-Z collaborative successfully won the HUD Promise Zone designation in 2016. The designation is expected to last at least ten years. SLATE-Z activities are coordinated by a backbone support team, housed at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, which provides strategic leadership and convening power to advocate for increased investment in South Los Angeles. The SLATE-Z geographic area is approximately five miles wide, from Crenshaw Boulevard to Central Avenue, and is roughly framed by LA Metro's Expo, Crenshaw and Blue Line light rail systems.