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Slate-z work groups

Within SLATE-Z, there are five Work Groups that include key partners and community organizations that collectively develop strategies to achieve the defined Promise Zone goals. Our Work Groups focus on: (1) Jobs, (2) Economic Activity, (3) Education, (4) Public Safety, and (5) Transit.


Jobs Working Group

We will assist in moving 10,000 residents into living wage jobs.

Economic Activity Working Group

We will increase economic activity by investing in businesses, entrepreneurs, and community-oriented infrastructure.


Education Work Group

We will increase student attainment of certificates, degrees, and preparation for careers by guaranteeing post-secondary career pathway enrollment and support.

Public Safety Work Group

We will reduce violent crime through effective prevention, intervention, reentry, and community engagement.

Transit Work Group

We will improve community infrastructure by increasing the safety, affordability, and use of public transit.

“The SLATE-Z plan is rooted in strategies for ensuring physical and economic
mobility for geographically and economically isolated communities. It will succeed
by building strong public and private pathways between educational and job
training agencies so more students receive a high quality education that leads to
long term educational and career success. This investment in education will attract
high growth sectors that create living wage jobs and align education, career, and
job-training initiatives along South L.A.’s transit corridors. It also aims to build
neighborhood economies, safer communities, and healthy families and individuals.”
— City of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti